Google+ For Android Adds Ability To Sync Photo Edits, New Filters

Google+ for Android

Google+ may be popular in tech circles, but it’s grown to be a favorite of photographers, and today the social network announced a unique new feature.

Currently available on the Android app, users will be able to begin editing photos on their phone for example, and continue elsewhere.

From Google employee Todd Kennedy:

“Starting today you can start your edits on one device, and continue (or start over) on another. This means you can backup full-resolution photos from your desktop, edit them in seconds on your phone, then add some finishing touches from your tablet.”

Google+ for Android has also received new filters inspired by photo editing app Snapseed, and new tools such as crop and rotate.

You can now view all your photos at once on a single page, and Google says it plans on supporting larger photo libraries “over the next few weeks.”

A scroll bar has also been added to the right of the “All” page, allowing you to quickly scroll through photos to a certain date.

The Google+ for Android update is rolling out now, but if you’re the impatient type with knowledge of installing APKs (and accepting all responsibility if something was to go wrong), Droid Life has the hookup.

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