House Of Cards Tweets Were Up 430% From 2013

House of Cards

House of Cards season two debuted on February 14, and according to new data published by The New York Times, there was a 430 percent increase in tweets from 2013.

The New York Times teamed up with social analytics company General Sentiment, and analyzed tweets about House of Cards during both seasons.

For the first season, tweets were collected from February 1 to February 11, 2013 and tweets about season two were collected from February 14 to February 24.

The figures suggest there are more people tuning in this year, with nearly 1,096,000 more tweets than during a similar 10-day time period in 2013.

House Of Cards

[Tweet “More #HouseOfCards tweets were posted 10 days after 2014 debut than on day of 2013 debut.”]

The day after the season one premiere, tweets peaked at over 40,000, but quickly dropped off after that.

However, tweets about House of Cards season two peaked on its release day with nearly 500,000 tweets, and tapered off after that.

According to a recent study from Procera, between 5 and 15 percent of Netflix subscribers watched at least one episode of the second season of House of Cards.

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