HootSuite Launches Security And Compliance Services To Help Protect Businesses


HootSuite is a favorite social media management tool among Fortune 500 companies, and today announced new Security and Compliance Services.

Geared towards larger companies, here’s a quick explanation of what there is to offer:

“HootSuite Managed Security and Compliance Services provides your organization the expertise to secure your brand assets, monitor for real-time security breaches and annually perform crisis simulations, to ensure your organization is securely and compliantly deploying it’s social media strategies.”

It consists of three different services: Social Asset Audit, Crisis Training and Simulation and Social Media Profile Monitoring.

HootSuite will help companies find or remove any unauthorized social media profiles, and train their teams on how to best respond in certain situations.

For example, if they’re receiving negative publicity or just launched a new product.

The social media management service will still not post content for you, but can make sure that all published content is in line with current policies.

“If content violates policy, it can be automatically logged, archived or removed.”

Security breaches are a serious threat to any organization, and HootSuite can also lock social media accounts to prevent hackers from getting in, potentially ruining what you’ve worked hard to build.

To learn more about HootSuite’s Security and Compliance services, you can go here.

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