Rich Eisen Runs 40-Yard Dash At Combine, Trends Worldwide On Twitter

Rich Eisen ran the 40 yard dash at the combine and trended worldwide on Twitter.

NFL analyst Rich Eisen trended worldwide on Twitter Tuesday after running the 40-yard dash at the scouting combine.

Eisen has done the dash for a decade now, hoping to get his time under six seconds. For comparison, Titans running back Chris Johnson holds the record with a 4.24 second 40-yard dash. Most players average between 4.5 and five seconds.

Of course,Eisen is not an NFL player. He isn’t even close. It is fun to watch him run full speed in his suit though.

So, did Rich Eisen break his six second goal? Barely, and it took two attempts. On his first try he ran 40 yards in six seconds flat.

Eisen refused to be discouraged by the number though. Instead, he took it as motivation to try again. On his second run he found that extra boost and ran a 5.98 second 40-yard dash. Then he celebrated thusly.

Afterwards something happened that no one saw coming, Eisen trended worldwide on Twitter:

To which he gleefully responded:

With the combine over, and Eisen’s dream time beaten, we will have to wait until April to see if any teams show interest in the analyst. They probably won’t, he’s no Russell Wilson.

It’s good to see Rich Eisen having fun at work. He has one of the best job in television, after all. Maybe every analyst should run the 40-yard dash to see who is fastest.

[Photo Credit: fnmartinez]

Scott Croker

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