Richie Incognito Deletes Twitter Account

Richie Incognito Leaves Twitter

Dolphins guard Richie Incognito deleted his Twitter account sometime since Friday night, apparently in reaction to the abuse he was taking on Twitter after the Wells Report was released. The report showed the Incognito was responsible for bullying fellow player Jonathan Martin, who eventually left the Dolphins because of the abuse he suffered in the locker room.

After the report was released, Incognito attempted to stem the flow of hate by tweeting out a plea on Valentine’s Day. He wrote, “Pleeeeease Stop The Hate.” It didn’t work.

Using the verified Twitter account, @86INCOGNITO,” Richie offered his take on the Wells Report Friday night, according to NBC Sports. He wrote, “You could not define me in 144 years let alone 144 pages Mr Wells. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.”

He later added, “Goodbye twitter. Be well See you on the other side.” He ended the tweet with a sunglasses-wearing, smiling emoticon, then deleted the account.

The decision to delete his account was probably good, since Richie was using it as a way to fight back against the Wells Report, when he probably should have released a statement through his agent or a lawyer. In tweets sent last week, Incognito explained to users that he was “guilty of being a loyal friend and good teammate.” He also attacked Martin, saying, “The truth is going to bury you and your entire ‘camp.’ ”

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