US Bronze Medalist Nick Goepper Wants A Valentine

Nick Goepper Dream Date Twitter

US bronze medalist Nick Goepper tweeted out to fans on Friday that he’s looking for a valentine after the Olympics, and even enlisted the help of US Weekly to find the lucky girl. Goepper won bronze in men’s ski slopestyle Thursday in a podium sweep for Team USA.

He began his campaign to find a girl for Valentine’s Day on Friday morning.

The tweets were apparently a lead-up to the Us Magazine interview, as well as a campaign to, as Nick explained, “go on a dream date with me after the Olympics!” The 19-year-old told the gossip site, “I just want them to fall in love. Love is the most powerful emotion out there.”

The Olympian isn’t asking for much to help him pick the lucky lady. Contenders just need to catch his eye via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #iwanttodatenick. He boasted, “This is kind of like a tryout. They post something creative and something to catch my attention.”

According to Nick Goepper, the dream date would include dinner “and maybe a sleigh ride.” Oh, and probably skiing too.

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