Stephen Fry And Bear Grylls Sit Down For The Most Reasonable Religion Debate Ever [Video]

Stephen Fry and Bear Grylls

Ready for a bit of Fry and Grylls?

Famous English comedian Stephen Fry and famous guy-who-drinks-his-own-pee Bear Grylls have very different opinions when it comes to one of the most important questions anyone can ask in their lives: Is there a God?

Fry, an atheist, joined Grylls, a Christian, on the Channel 4 documentary Bear’s Wild Weekends for a spell in the wildnerness, and the former brought up the topic of spirituality while the two sat by a creek.

“I suppose, a man of faith like you, this probably restores your faith in the creation. Or a creator,” Fry posed.

What followed was the most reasonable discussion that has ever occurred between a person with faith and a person without.

Even reddit, that well-known haven of atheist thought, gave their blessing to the exchange. “The only Christian and Athiest discussion I ever want to hear. The rest can pack it up go on home,” wrote redditor bs_destroyer.

You can watch Stephen Fry and Bear Grylls share the most reasonable religion debate ever above.

Dusten Carlson
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