Get Lovey Dovey For Valentine’s Day With Two New Facebook Sticker Packs


Valentine’s Day is here, and what better Internet-friendly way to show your love for someone than by posting a bunch of emoticons.

Facebook is getting in the spirit with the release of two new love-themed sticker packs.

Free in the “Sticker Store,” here are just a few emoticons to choose from:

  • Snoopy hugging a heart
  • An adorable fat cat with love on his mind
  • A cat hugging its true love coffee
  • The Facebook “like” hand grasping a heart
  • A dog named Mugsy in 16 different romantic scenes
  • Creature things that need lovin’ too

To get the new stickers, click the emoticon icon, and then select the shopping cart icon:


You can access the Sticker Store via Facebook Chat on the web or Messenger on mobile, and you should see the new sticker packs at the very top (pictured above).

They’re a fun way to share the love on Facebook this Valentine’s Day, but also really any day.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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