Sochi Selfies Now Include President Vladimir Putin

Sochi Selfies With Vladimir Putin

Sochi selfies are all the rage at the Olympics this year, so it’s no surprise that when Russian President Vladimir Putin stopped by the Team USA house he was included in the new trend. Putin, with his own camera in tow, made the surprise visit to the US Olympic Committee’s headquarters for about half and hour.

While the visit was kept low-key, visitors to the house still realized there was something going on when Russian security officers camped out in the building’s courtyard. USA Today notes that the head of the Russian president’s security team even tasted the drinks that were to be used and sampled the cookies and brownies.

Putin sat down with USOC CEO Scott Blackmun, USOC chairman Larry Probst, and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. Athletes were surprised by Putin’s appearance, and were also apparently a little nervous when it came to asking for a Sochi selfie with him. So, they did this instead.

President Putin also stopped by the Holland Heineken House on Sunday to congratulate the first openly gay gold medalist at the Olympics, according to ABC News. He was also spotted visiting the Canadian team earlier on Friday.

Apparently Canadians have no qualms about asking Vladimir Putin to take a selfie with them. If only they could have gotten him to smile too.

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