Seven Honest Valentine’s Day Messages

valentine's day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and that can only mean one thing: It’s time to lie through your teeth and begrudgingly tell the person reading this over your shoulder that you love them.

Go ahead. I love you, honey.

Now that that nonsense is over let’s get down to what we really want to say on Valentine’s Day. Things like, “I’d leave you if it weren’t for the kids.” And, “I’m only with you so I’m not alone.”

It’s truly the most romantic time of year…

Redditor mamba_79 and his loverbest bud internet pal balchynz created seven wonderfully honest Valentine’s Day messages.

Valentine’s Day may be a romantic holiday for some people but for others it’s the most depressing times of the year. Need proof? Just take a look at some recent internet trends. Like these Rejected Candy Hearts

… or this boyfriend pillow …

… or this “Valentine’s Day Simulator.”

Valentine's Day Simulator 3000 [Fixed]

But hey, it could be worse. You could be dating an overly attached girlfriend.

Oh, you are? Well then just kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice refreshing Guinness for Valentine’s Day.

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc

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