Guinness Valentine’s Day Ad: This Is What Happens When An Advertising Student Gets Bored

guinness valentine's day ad

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, you’re alone, and you’re sitting at your desk with a beautiful pint of Guinness. Then it hits you: An idea for the perfect Guinness Valentine’s Day ad.

Niall Russell, a “business student with massive passion for advertising,” created an awesome Guinness ad this week. Sure, this probably isn’t going to get added to the company’s official portfolio, but the people of the internet sure have enjoyed it.

The image has been passed around Twitter and Facebook and is currently sitting on the front page of Reddit. Niall even got a job offer from an anonymous internet user.

One Redditor writes: “I love this. As a restaurant owner I’m sincerely asking the creator of this picture if I am able to make multiple posters for my restaurant for tomorrow. If so please PM me. Will donate.”

Guinness is no stranger to viral advertisements. They’ve already created one for New York Fashion Week this year and they’ll probably have their own Valentine’s Ad released tomorrow.

But I doubt they’ll be able to top this bored advertising student’s attempt.

What do you think of this Guinness Valentine’s Day ad?

Dan Evon

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