The Beauty Of Winter Storms Captured In Stunning Twitter Pics

Pretty Winter Weather After A Storm
Pretty Winter Weather After A Storm

Winter storms are once against ravishing much of the Eastern Coast and that means schools are out, workers are stuck at home, and thousands of people are once again without electricity and other amenities. For all of the devastation and pure frustration caused by winter storms, many people have found the beauty left from a winter storms wake.

Social News Daily’s staff took some time away from our SLIGHTLY warmer weather, in order to find some of the most breathtaking, funny, cool, and just plain strange winter storm weather pics posted by Twitter users.

Winter Storms: The Prettier Side Of Bad Weather

Two Headed Godzilla Created By Winter Weather

A Picturesque Portrait of Country Living After A Winter Storm

An American Version of An Igloo (An Eskimo somewhere is Laughing at this attempt)

Even NYC Was Pretty Until New Yorkers Ruined it With Typical NYC Complaining

Ice Is Dangerous But Really Pretty On Trees

A Stunning Visual Of The Sun And Snow

There are thousands of pictures that showcase the true beauty of a winter storm. Once the snow settles, and before it turns to mud filled slush, it can actually be quite beautiful.

Do you have a favorite winter weather picture? Share your Twitter, Instagram, and other publicly available social links in our comments section.

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