Comcast Confirms Time Warner Cable Merger, Twitter Sounds Off


Comcast was reported to be acquiring Time Warner Cable in an all stock deal, and today confirmed the big news.

The deal is worth around $45.2 billion, and still requires government approval.

With Comcast and Time Warner Cable being ranked among the worst ISPs for customer service, it comes to no surprise that many Twitter users weren’t too pleased:

The deal has even sparked the creation of a White House petition asking the government to not approve the merger:


Government approval will be difficult even without petitions due to Comcast being the number one cable company in America, and Time Warner Cable taking the number two spot.

Twitter user Jack McCloy believes if the deal goes through, it will prompt people to switch to alternatives:

However, with Comcast already accused of operating a monopoly in cities and towns across the United States, finding an alternative could be incredibly difficult.

Photo credit: Oran Viriyincy via photopin cc

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