Did Alex Trebek Make A Racist Comment To A Black Girl Last Night? Twitter Reacts

Jeapordy Racism by Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek was hosting the college edition of Jeopardy! last night when he made a comment that appears to be racist. While speaking to a black contestant about a question related to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), he comments that she “better get” the answer right.

That contestant, Kenesha Bennett, a student at Oakwood University, a private school in Huntsville, Alabama, selected the question under the “Student Aid” category.

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Alex read the following question: “This group gives scholarships to minority students financial support to 37 historically black colleges and universities.”

He then responded: “Kenesha, you’d better get it.”

Not missing a beat Bennett responded, “I know” before giving the correct answer of UNCF.

So was Alex Trebek racist? Twitter users were quick to tweet their own opinions:

This isn’t the first time that Alex Trebek has assumed that someone should get an answer right because of their racial background. Here’s another incident from 2006 that involves a contestant of Indian decent:

The general, and by no means general consensus, on Twitter, is that Alex Trebek is racist. What do you think?

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