‘Girls’ Tumblr Puts Actresses In Midst Of Sochi Games 2014

Shoshi Games 2014

A new Tumblr titled ‘Shoshi Games 2014’ takes the women of the show ‘Girls’ and places them right in the middle of the winter Olympics in Russia.

Shoshanna Shapiro going for the gold? Not anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean she can’t win a medal on Tumblr.

From ski jumping to a triple axel, the women of the hit show ‘Girls’ seem right at home in the photoshopped stills.

Shoshi Games 2014 on Tumblr

So what does the cast think about the mockups? Lena Dunham is a fan!

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Why don’t all Olympians have their hair perfectly styled during competition? Shouldn’t that be some type of requirement?

Are you a fan of the Shoshi Games 2014 Tumblr page?

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