Emile Hirsch Mocks Shia LaBeouf On Twitter

Emile Hirsch

Shia LaBeouf’s recent behavior has been a little… well, confusing. In fact, the actor has been in a bit of a downward spiral ever since he was caught plagiarizing last year. He retired from public life, tried to denounce his celebrity, and earlier this week he wore a paper bag on his head at the Berlin Film Festival.

Well, Shia LaBeouf has officially become a joke in Hollywood. Fellow actor Emile Hirsch has been relentlessly mocking LaBeouf on Twitter today.

First up, the dozens of tweets Shia LaBeouf sent out declaring: I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.

Next, Shia’s recent habit of speaking only in capital letters.

Finally, Emile made fun of the fact that Shia LaBeouf swore of tweeting before going on a Twitter spree, and promised to stay out of the public spotlight before drawing attention to himself by wearing a paper bag on his head on the red carpet.

Emile Hirsch’s Twitter rant may seem mean-spirited but the actor insists that he’s still a big fan of Shia.

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