Facebook Kicks Out Two Ad Partners Over Bad Data Practices

Facebook Ad Partners Kicked Out

Facebook has removed two mobile ad companies from its platform. The social media company performed a privacy audit which revealed that they breached policies on retaining data and informing customers about general app activities.

AdExchanger, notes that Facebook had relied on HasOffers and Kontagent, to help measure app installations and app-based revenue.

Facebook performs regular privacy audits to ensure that all third-party developers are living up to their contractual terms.

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AdExchanger posted the following statement from Facebook:

“After working with a third-party auditor to review the practices of all our mobile measurement partners, we discovered that some weren’t adhering to the terms they agreed to. As a result, we’ve removed a couple of our partners from the program. We take our contracts seriously, and will continue to act swiftly anytime we find out they are being violated.”

Violations performed by HasOffers and Kontagent include holding on to data longer than allowed, and failing to require advertisers they work with to notify users about changes to data collection.

While the removal is bad news for both ad partners, it showcases how serious Facebook is taking user privacy in terms of data collection from outside sources.

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