Anti-Gay Tweets Get Kent State Wrestler Suspended

Kent Wheeler tweets

Once again, some guy has said some dumb thing on Twitter, is experiencing consequences of some kind, and the issue is getting national attention because “freedom of speech” which doesn’t really work that way (but we covered that here).

Kent State wrestler Sam Wheeler got into a Twitter spat over Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam, who just came out as a gay man. Wheeler is kind of tired of all the media coverage “that fag from mizzou” is getting, shared those feels on Twitter, and it devolved from there:

Kent Wheeler tweets

He was suspended indefinitely.

Since Wheeler’s suspension is not a free speech issue, some are sticking up for his comments on Twitter:

Others are taking it as an opportunity to revisit the meaning of their constitutional rights:

Some have been more than happy to explain that the Constitution, while admittedly amazeballs, doesn’t really apply to Wheeler’s dilemma:

We’ll let you know if a real constitutional lawyer takes on Wheeler’s case. In the meantime, his Twitter account has been deleted.

Dusten Carlson
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