Pizza Hut Joins OkCupid, Will Give ‘The One’ Free Pizza For Life

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is no stranger to social media, and has created an OkCupid profile as part of its contest to give “the one” free pizza for life.

Here’s what its profile has to say:

“Every day, fans tweet marriage proposals at @pizzahut. We’re flattered, and we’re into it. But in our 55 years waiting for The One, we’d always pictured the big moment to be a little more… Great. So we’re ready to find that someone to be involved in the Greatest Proposal Ever. We’re looking for someone who brings outrageous enthusiasm to the everyday moments; the one with a zany sense of adventure and a rad personality.”

In order to win free pizza for life, the worldwide pizza chain wants to know your most creative marriage proposal by way of Vine or Instagram video.

You must tweet your video with #CommitToGreatness, and Pizza Hut will choose the three most creative responses.

After much deliberation, “the one” will be chosen, and receive a lifetime of cheesy goodness.

Pizza Hut’s contest ends February 21, and is only open to those ages 18 and up in the United States.

Mike Stenger

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