Johnny Quinn Is More Famous For Getting Stuck In Things Than For Being An Olympian

johnny quinn

Johnny Quinn has worked four long years to become an Olympian at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. And while he does have a few bobsledding fans, Quinn is known to many as that guy that keeps getting stuck in things.

Quinn became a viral sensation over the weekend after he got stuck in his bathroom. The US Olympian was late for an appearance on a morning show so he decided to bust through the door.

That’s a pretty crazy story from the Sochi Olympics. Johnny Quinn broke down his bathroom door because he was late for a television appearance.

But bathrooms aren’t the only places that like to trap Quinn. This morning Johnny was in an elevator when the doors didn’t open. Now, this could just be a ruse but the Olympian said that his teammates will back him up.

Johnny Quinn isn’t done competing yet so there is still a chance that he’ll get remembered as the guy who brought a gold medal back to the United States….

No, from now until the end of time, Johnny Quinn will be more famous for getting stuck in things than for being an Olympian.

Dan Evon

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