How Twitter Is Buzzing About The 2014 Sochi Olympics

Sochi 2014

The 2014 Sochi Olympics officially kicked off February 7 after its Opening Ceremony, and HootSuite has been keeping track of the big games thanks to uberVU.

HootSuite acquired uberVU in January, and the tool offers real-time social media analytics.

Between February 6 and February 7, here’s how the 2014 Winter Olympics fared on Twitter:

  • 1,213,420 mentions
  • 64 percent neutral, 22 percent positive, 14 percent negative
  • 7AM EST on Friday, only 10 mentions of the Opening Ceremony
  • By 11AM EST, there were 35,000 mentions, and it quickly became a worldwide trending topic
  • 75 percent of sentiment around the Opening Ceremony was neutral, 19 percent was positive and 6 percent was negative
  • There were 10x more retweets about the Opening Ceremony than about outfits, Olympic logo or torch
  • 5 percent of Twitter conversations about the Olympic Torch mentioned “fails.”
  • The majority of conversations came by way of the U.S. at 48 percent, compared to Canada at 15 percent and the U.K. at 12 percent

Here were the three biggest topics surrounding Sochi:

  • Russia’s stance on homosexuality – 31,868 mentions
  • Extermination of stray dogs – 20,358 mentions
  • Security concerns – 17,159 mentions

Before the Olympic games officially kicked off, #SochiProblems quickly gained worldwide attention, and helped to reveal problems going on behind the scenes.

To learn more about social buzz happening around the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, you can check out the infographic below.

2014 Sochi Olympics

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