Facebook Look Back, Breaking Bad Edition [Video]

walter white facebook look back

Social News Daily has covered the Facebook Look Back video trend, its backlash, and now, the parody stage — with a Facebook Look Back for Walter White, antihero of the watershed TV hit Breaking Bad.

Almost as soon as Facebook Look Back videos began to appear, so too did some ambient grumbling about how they were all “boring” and “self-centered,” which our Dusten Carlson argued was kinda meta for Facebook anyway.

SND took a kinda meta approach to Facebook Look Back videos — we found them to be a perfectly appropriate content mashup based on your existing posts, and everyone seemed by and large to enjoy them.

Late last week, the Walter White Facebook Look Back clip above went viral. It was timely and cute, and appealed to a large crossover section of Breaking Bad fans and Facebook users.

You can watch the Walter White Look Back above, even if you haven’t seen the last episode — there aren’t any massive spoilers

Kim LaCapria

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