Seahawks Fans Prank Broncos Fan With Turnover Pastries

Seahawks Workers Prank Denver Fan

Seahawks fans pranked their fellow co-worker, who happens to be a massive Broncos fan, with turnover pastries in a photo that went viral on reddit’s r/Seahawks this week.

The photo shows a box of turnovers with orange icing and “Broncos” lettering in white. On the box, the sneaky (mean?) coworkers wrote, “Broncos Turnovers.” The prank came after Seattle beat Denver 43-8, thanks to four turnovers the Broncos gave up during the game, along with a few other mistakes.

Reddit user Steve138 submitted the photo, writing, “Our coworker is an enormous Denver fan and is returning from vacation today. We brought pastries to welcome him back.”

Comments on reddit ranged from asking, “Did they taste like victory?” and “saying, “You’re absolutely horrible. You’re my kind of people.”

Another user suggested that the co-workers could have added donuts as well, to commemorate how many points the Broncos scored in the first half. While most of the comments came from Seahawks fans, one Broncos fan stopped by to leave this message, “Denver resident here. I laughed. I cried. Then I cried more.”

The Seahawks’ victory at the Super Bowl was surprising, since the Broncos have had the number one offense all season. It’s also a victory the team, and its fans, will be celebrating for the next few months, maybe longer.

[Image: reddit]

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