Snippit Adds Short Soundtracks To iOS Photos

Snippit App For Apple iOS

Snippit wants to spice up your photos by giving them 4 to 10 second soundtrack embeds from your favorite songs. The new iOS app allows users to choose songs already saved on their smartphones, or select from 30-second song previews available on iTunes. The app also allows users to add text captions, location check-ins, and even tag friends.

Co-founder and CEO Joe Grano tells TechCrunch that he thought up the idea while in New York City. Grano wanted to share a Jay Z song with his picture in order to give it more personality based on his location. The apps co-founder says he wanted music on photos to act much “in the same way that a filter on Instagram can change how a works.”

Since most people will only stare at a photo for a few seconds, the 4-10 second clip time seems right in line with what should be allowed.

After checking out the Snippit app I have to admit that it feels like a “Vine” for non-moving photos, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A nice supporting platform could make for some awesome single image output, emoting feelings among each digital photo that is posted to the network.

Snippit has already raised $500,000 in seed funding from family members.


James Kosur

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