Klout Launches New Social Sharing Tools


Klout, a service that helps to measure your online influence, has launched new tools to share content with your social media followers.

After logging in, users will see three new categories on the left-hand side: Create, Schedule and Measure.

The “Create” tab is a social news reader of sorts, and displays relevant articles based on topics you have been endorsed for.

Clicking the “Share” button lets you share (or schedule) the post to Facebook or Twitter, and you can thumbs up or thumbs down a story, which helps Klout better learn your interests.

“Schedule” is pretty straightforward, and gives you a glance of all your scheduled posts.

Under “Measure,” you can track the progress of your Klout score over the past 90 days, and see how well your shared social media posts are performing.


Clicking “Network Breakdown” lets you know which connected social networks you’re doing the best on.

But wait! According to the official Klout blog, there’s more:

“Over the coming weeks we’ll be launching tools that help you with original content creation and provide deeper insights into your impact on social.”

Back in May 2013, Klout launched “Experts,” its own Q&A platform, and to date the company has raised $40 million in funding.

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