Richard Sherman Responds To Twitter Troll With Pic Of Lombardi Trophy

Richard Sherman Tweets To Troll

Richard Sherman loves talking, and isn’t afraid to respond to the haters, but after winning the Super Bowl on Sunday, he had the best response yet to a Twitter troll or hater.

A user with the Twitter handle @SnBEternally, who has since deleted his or her account, wrote to Sherman after the Seahawks cornerback called Peyton Manning “the Classiest person/player I have ever met!” Apparently the user, whose name was *, didn’t agree, or at least didn’t think Sherman was telling the truth.

* wrote, “Everyone who heard you dissing Manning before knows you don’t mean a damn word of this, you pathetic disingenuous punk.” The user added, “Take your phony praise and shove it up your drugged out a**, you worthless scumbag.” And if that wasn’t enough, he or she continued, writing, “Seattle beat Denver, but you contributed nothing and got carted off with an injury. Karma’s a NASTY b*tch, needle D*ck! :P”

Despite having hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and thousands of mentions, Richard Sherman found the time to respond in what could quite possibly be the best way ever.

Yep, that’s the Lombardi Trophy, the one Sherman helped his team acquire before he had to leave the game with a high ankle sprain. Twitter users generally appreciated the player’s response, with one user calling it “the best reply to a troll in the history of twitter.” While it might not rank number one, it’s definitely up there.

[H/T SB Nation, Image: Twitter]

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