‘Forrest Gump’ Reunion: Tom Hanks Reunites With Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson

forrest gump

Tom Hanks, Gary Senise and Mykelti Williamson had a little Forest Gump reunion last night.

It’s not clear where or why the three actors got together, but Hanks said that he was glad to see his old co-stars.

Hanks shared the image on his WhoSay account, writing: Haven’t seen these old friends for too long.

Hanks, of course, played the title character in the 1994 movies Forest Gump while Williamson and Senise played his best friends during various parts of his life.

Bubba and Forest became friends when Bubba offered up a seat on the bus and the two bonded over shrimp.

Lieutenant Dan gained some respect for Forest after he was pulled out of the jungle in Vietnam. Dan would lose his legs but don’t worry, he found his sea legs later on in the movie.

It’s unclear why Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise and Mykelti Williamson had a Forrest Gump reunion, but does it matter? Now we have an excuse to relive some of the movie’s great moments.

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