#SochiProblems Highlights Trouble At Winter Olympics

Sochi Problems

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony starts Friday, and issues at the major sporting event have helped to spark #SochiProblems.

From bathrooms with two toilets and no dividers to spray painting grass green, there’s a lot to ridicule.

Today, Digimind shared new data collected around the hashtag from February 1 to February 6.

Based on the number of mentions, #SochiProblems is more popular than Team USA, Putin and the Opening Ceremony.

However, despite all the problems, sentiment around #Sochi2014 is very positive at 81 percent.

Sochi 2014

Here are the top five topics related to the Winter Olympics:

  • Atheletes
  • Stray Dogs, which received over 22 percent more mentions than the Opening Ceremony
  • Putin
  • Pressure, fueled by animal lovers requesting the release of two Orca whales allegedly on display
  • Security

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics officially kick off February 7, and last through February 23.

Photo credit: NASA HQ PHOTO via photopin cc

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