Victoria’s Secret Model Doutzen Kroes Puts Naked Pregnant Selfie On Instagram

Doutzen Kroes Naked Pregnant

Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes busted out a naked pregnant selfie Instagram, in what appears to be an unconventional (if not totally catching on) way to announce she is expecting a baby.

In the saucy snap, Doutzen Kroes is fully naked, pregnant, and giving the camera the sort of confused and doe-eyed look we’ve come to know in VS catalogs and on the site.

Kroes’ naked pregnant Instagram shot isn’t your standard bathroom selfie. The snap is artistic and processed, well-posed and with the addition of hair and makeup.

In the embed below, you can see it’s not really your standard smile-and-blush Pinterest-ready pregnant portrait. In fact, the very sexy image seems to take a leaf from Victoria’s Secret styling, with its boldly sensual vibe and lack of cutesy elements:

The model also took to Twitter to share the sexy selfie:

Have you seen many pregnancy announcements on social sites like Instagram that are similar to Doutzen Kroes’ naked pregnant selfie? Is this going to be a new pregnancy trend on social?

Kim LaCapria

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