Eddie Cibrian’s Ex Brandi Glanville Admits Twitter Stalking

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When Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville split after LeAnn Rimes came into the picture via a Lifetime movie, the medium of the social web was new enough that there was no indication Twitter would become a major aspect of their post-divorce story.

And Eddie Cibrian may not be on Twitter — but his former wife Glanville and his new honey Rimes are continually sniping at one another on the service. In a new book, Brandi blames Twitter for many of her missteps — but admits she can’t keep from spying on social media all these years later.

In Drinking Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders, Glanville writes about her habit, saying:

“When I first discovered the benefits of technology and social media, I used it to obsess about my husband, his future wife and our children throughout our breakup and divorce … It turns out the internet can be your worst enemy.”

Glanville adds:

“Especially when you spend most of your time googling medical conditions, surviving cheating, or reviewing the twitter feed of some [country] music singer who likes to post countless pictures of your children #StillBugs.”

Brandi also justifies:

“Sure, I was ‘addicted’ but I rationalized that Twitter-stalking was the only way to find out what my children were doing since [Eddie Cibrian] and I communicated solely through his assistant … When my eldest son went to the hospital with an injury after a sleepover, I only found out once his bonus mom sent out a tweet.”

Despite the social media drama, Glanville says it’s unfair Eddie Cibrian came out looking like the good guy when he “screwed half of Hollywood” by her account.

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