Online Cheating Costs Businesses $17 Million A Day

Evidently, employees spend a significant number of company hours devoted to cheating according to the responses.

According to a Victoria Milan survey, online cheaters cost businesses about $17 million a day in lost productivity among adulterous employees.

Victoria Milan is a Sweden-based online dating community, launched in 2010 by media executive Sigurd Vedal. And yeah, he’s supposedly happily married according to the company’s press release.

The social networking site is marketed as a place to find a little side-action for those who are already married or attached – i.e. an infidelity dating website.

Their tagline is, “Relive the passion – find your affair.”

The social networking service model is similar to that of Ashley Madison based out of Canada. They [AM] have over 21 million members and provided their online dating services in over 30 different countries.

Offering anonymity to men and women seeking to have a discreet extramarital affair is a booming business. Victoria Milan, since inception, has enrolled millions of members and is available in over 33 countries worldwide.

If the idea of marketing cheating as a business isn’t unsavory enough, a 2013 survey of 4,000 registered Victoria Milan members reveals cheating spouses spend thousands of working hours otherwise preoccupied with their illicit affairs.

When asked about romantic or sexual connections outside their existing relationships, members confessed to utilizing an average of 1.17 hours a day of work-time on online cheating. Thirty-eight percent stated they spent 30 minutes cheating online while at work, while 25 percent admitted to nearly an hour.

Staggeringly, 19 percent of participants consumed one to two hours of their work day into their illicit online relationship, and 18 percent reported that they spend more than two hours online every day doing the same.

Imagine if they only put that much effort into their existing relationship, or work?

Upwards of 68 percent indicated they interacted with their online lover during working hours via their PC or smartphone. Otherwise, 25 percent made time to cheat at home, and 7 percent elsewhere.

Based on the aforementioned stats, if you suspect your spouse is cheating, it is likely he/she is doing it while at work, but not necessarily with a co-worker.

In order to calculate the estimated daily loss of productivity and revenue, the researchers extrapolated the number of global VM members and multiplied it by the American minimum wage at the time of the survey ($7.25 an hour US). Using this baseline, the estimated daily loss exceeded $17 million ($17,304,300), reports Yahoo News.

Sigurd Vedal, SEO and founder of Victoria Milan, states in a company press release:

“Today we have the advantage of being able to connect with people looking for the same things online. It seems that, based on our latest survey, many of our members connect with each other during work hours to spice up their life. We just hope they do it while they are on break, because if not, companies may be losing a lot of money.”

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