1/4 Of Facebook Users Hate The Impulse To Share TMI


Social media has a way of getting us to yap about our lives, and according to new research, 24 percent of Facebook users “strongly dislike” the temptation to share too much information about themselves.

Pew Research Center shared new findings today gathered from August 7 to September 16, 2013, and here’s what else it found Facebook users disliked:

  • 36 percent dislike people who share too much personal information.
  • 36 percent dislike people posting about them or photos of them without permission.
  • 27 percent dislike people seeing posts or comments they didn’t mean for them to see.
  • 12 percent dislike the pressure to post content that will be popular, and get lots of comments/likes.
  • 12 percent dislike the pressure to comment on content posted by others in their network.
  • 5 percent dislike seeing posts about social activities they were not included in.

Here’s how adult users differ in terms of why they use Facebook:

  • Seeing photos or videos – 39 percent of men, 54 percent of women.
  • Sharing with many people at once – 42 percent of men, 50 percent of women.
  • Seeing entertaining or funny posts – 35 percent of men, 43 percent of women.
  • Learning about ways to help others – 25 percent of men, 35 percent of women.
  • Receiving support from people in your network – 16 percent of men, 29 percent of women.

39 percent of adult Facebook users have one to 100 friends, 23 percent have 101 to 250 friends and 20 percent have 251 to 500 friends.

15 percent have over 500 friends, and according to Pew, the average number of friends is 338.

Among users ages 18 to 29, 19 percent have been asked to “unfriend” someone, with 35 percent of requests coming from other friends.

Here’s what Facebook users are up to when using the social network:

  • 44 percent “like” friends’ content at least once per day, and 29 percent do so several times per day.
  • 31 percent comment on other people’s photos at least once per day, and 15 percent do so several times per day.
  • 19 percent send private messages daily, and 10 percent send messages several times per day.
  • 10 percent change or update their status daily, and 4 percent update their status several times per day.

Interestingly, 25 percent say they never update or change their Facebook status.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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