Christina Aguilera Makes Little Boy Cry [Video]

jackson crying

Christina Aguilera made a little boy cry this weekend. But don’t worry, the pop singer didn’t do anything mean. Nope, she just sang a beautiful song, “Say Something,” and it was a little too much for 4-year-old Jackson to handle.

A video was posted on YouTube last week of Jackson’s emotional reaction to the song “Say Something.” It started going viral over the weekend and eventually made its way back to Christina Aguilera.

The singer posted the video on her Facebook page with the hashtag #LittleSensitiveSoul.

It really looks like Jackson is going through something in the video. Maybe “Say Something” brought up some bad memories of timeouts or melted Popsicle. Maybe the song transported Jackson back to the day when he really wanted to watch Toy Story 2 but his parents only had the original Toy Story available.

Or maybe, just maybe, Jackson knows what it’s like to be alone in a Great Big World after the person you love starts giving up on you.

Poor Jackson.

But don’t worry, I’m guessing that the 4-year-old will be much happier when he inevitably gets invited to the Ellen Degeneres Show next week to meet Christina Aguilera.

Dan Evon

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