The Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials On Social Media

Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl XLVIII ended with a dominant display by the Seattle Seahawks, and according to a new infographic, received over 12 million social media mentions.

Engagor, a social media monitoring tool, analyzed tweets and Facebook posts sent on February 2, the day of the Super Bowl.

Out of the 12,019,335 mentions, 585,132 tweets and 650,757 Facebook posts were about the commercials.

Twitter saw 2,300 tweets per second during the halftime show, and while Budweiser was the most discussed advertiser, GoDaddy was the most engaging.

Here were the top five Super Bowl ads based on social media buzz:

  • 169,709 mentions, 92 percent positive sentiment.
  • 133,929 mentions, 88 percent positive sentiment.
  • 109,904 mentions, 47 percent positive sentiment.
  • 80,421 mentions, 64 percent positive sentiment.
  • 67,658 mentions, 94 percent positive sentiment.

According to Engagor, 90 percent of social media mentions came from mobile devices, and here were the top five “buzzing” states:

  • California
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Washington

Many brands were looking to capitalize on the attention surrounding Super Bowl XLVIII, and here were the top three tweets from advertisers:

To learn more about the social media buzz surrounding the Super Bowl, check out the infographic below.

Super Bowl XLVIII

Photo credit: vincent.limshowchen via photopin cc

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