Garbage’s Shirley Manson Takes BuzzFeed Quiz, Fails

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BuzzFeed’s “which [blank] are you?” quizzes are popular — and one even caught the attention of Garbage singer Shirley Manson — the “Which ’90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You?” version.

The quiz has been making the Facebook rounds this weekend, undoubtedly boosted by Garbage’s own bump of the interactive 90s nostalgia piece. On their page, it was ostensibly Shirley Manson who posted:


For science, I took the “Which ’90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You?” quiz and found it to be crazy accurate — I scored “Courtney Love,” who was my daily inspiration between 1993 and 1996-7. Get out of my 90s journals, BuzzFeed!

The quiz sagely added:

“You are a force of nature, and you’re completely ruthless in the pursuit of your ambition. Your life can get a bit crazy, which often distracts people from noticing your remarkable intelligence.”


As for Garbage’s Manson, she didn’t go so far as to say which alt rock grrrl BuzzFeed’s quiz-mastering oracle assigned her instead of herself. However, Shirley, don’t feel bad … the 90s were a long time ago, and we’ve all changed a lot.

Kim LaCapria

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