State of the Union Twitter Conversation Trended Negative

SOTU Twitter

The White House may have launched an unprecedented social media campaign surrounding Tuesday’s State of the Union, but it didn’t yield quite the reaction the president’s team was looking for.

According to an analysis published by the Pew Research Center Thursday, only 43% of the tweets related to the speech were positive, compared to 57% that were negative in tone. That’s almost identical to last year’s numbers, when Pew found a 42-58 split.

Women, education, and jobs were the three major topics of conversation in the Twitterverse.

Last year, it was gun control, education, and economic issues driving the biggest chunks of #SOTU-related tweeting. But this year, “women” was far and away the most-used keyword.

Pew also reports that there were more tweets this year than 2013, with 1.64 million over the four hours of its analysis (9 p.m. EST to 1 a.m. EST) versus 1.35 million last year.

Meanwhile, Twitter showed off this interactive visualization of tweets related to the speech, including not just which topics trended and when, but where: “For example, you can see that Obama’s discussion of defense issues resonated highly in the mid-west, while the healthcare sections provoked strong reactions in southern states such as Alabama.”

[image: Lawrence Jackson/The White House]


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