Launches Spotify Integration, Access To Over 20 Million Tracks

Featured image for Launches Spotify Integration, Access To Over 20 Million Tracks, a popular music discovery service, has announced a partnership with Spotify that will give users access to over 20 million streaming titles.

In order to listen to songs from Spotify, users need a free or premium Spotify account, and then must sync their accounts.

From the blog:

“We’ve always strived to make as relevant to your music life as possible. Whatever you’re listening to and wherever you’re listening to it from – we know about it. There has however been one gap; the inability to play whatever you want by whoever you want directly on This has now changed.”

Users can browse music as they normally would, and if a song or album is available on Spotify, they’ll see a special play bar at the bottom of the page (pictured above).

This isn’t the first time that has worked with Spotify. Back in November 2011, was a launch partner for Spotify Apps.

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