CNN Partners With Twitter, Social Analytics Company Dataminr To Help Journalists


CNN fully recognizes the power of social media, and is partnering with Twitter and social analytics company Dataminr to release a tool for journalists.

Aptly called “Dataminr For News,” it’s designed to “alert journalists to information that’s emerging on Twitter in real time.”

Journalists are said to be able to receive notifications on the desktop, via email, mobile or as a pop-up.

According to Dataminr CEO Ted Bailey, the tool will also provide analytics as to who shared a particular story, and how it grew.

One worry of breaking news stories is the potential for hoaxes, and here’s how Dataminr combats that:

“Dataminr for News looks at “after the first tweet information” to assess accuracy based on factors like whether there are “corroborating sources on the ground” and whether there are different “initial nodes” spreading the news.”

The new tool is expected to launch to journalists later this year, and as far as pricing is concerned, no details have been shared at this time.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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