What Google Autocomplete Says About The State You Live In [Image]

google autocomplete map

American? Great. Which state? Tennessee? Why are you guys so racist?

Every state in the union has a single, defining stereotype and the best way to find out yours is to go to Google and type in “Why is [your state] so … ” and see what the top autocomplete result is. Or, you could check out the macro created by the Twitter account @Amazing_Maps to see where you stand.

It probably shouldn’t surprise that most people break down states by temperature and politics.

Hopefully someone takes this map and turns it into one of those fun social macros. You could chart the state you live in, the state you went to college in, and the state you wish you lived in and that’s, you know, like who you are. I’ll get us started. Hi, my name is Dusten and I am a corrupt, republican racist!

Which state do you live in, and does it conform to the stereotype in the macro above? Sound off, and include your “live in, college’d in, want to live in” stereotypes in the comments below.

[h/t – The Wire]

Dusten Carlson
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