Leonardo DiCaprio Recreates ‘Titanic’ With Jonah Hill [Video]

Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic Jonah Hill


Leonardo DiCaprio recreated Titanic’s iconic flying scene with Jonah Hill during Saturday Night Live yesterday. DiCaprio crashed Hill’s opening monologue after several “audience members” questioned the actor on what it was like to work with “Leo” in the duo’s Oscar-nominated comedy-crime flick The Wolf of Wall Street.

Hill began the monologue by gushing about the Oscar nomination, but was quickly interrupted by a woman who asked what it was like to act alongside DiCaprio. He responded awkwardly, “Oh I wasn’t really opening the floor for questions.” Still, he obliged her, but was interrupted twice more. Finally, Hill tried to boast about his acting abilities, claiming Leonardo wasn’t even supposed to be in the movie.

He explained, “Okay, here’s what happened. I call up . I say ‘Marty, it’s JH. I’m ready to get in the ring together.’ He says ‘finally.’ And I say, ‘should we get DiCaprio on board.’ And Marty says, ‘I don’t know if he can handle it. Sure. He’s a movie star. He puts teenage girls in the seats. But we need a real actor, like you.'”

That’s when DiCaprio crashed his monologue and gave him a pep talk about the importance of staying humble, especially after being nominated. Hill apologized, then asked if they could “do the thing that we always did that made me feel safe.”

After making sure if would help Hill calm his nerves, Leonardo DiCaprio stood behind Jonah Hill as the music from Titanic played in the background.

[H/T: Reddit]

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