Justin Bieber’s DUI: Support Or Deport? [Twitter Reacts]

Justin Bieber DUI

In a perfect world, we’d never have to write about Justin Bieber, but since we’re here we might as well have a little fun with it. In light of the news that the Canadian pop star was arrested for playing Fast and Furious in a rented Lambo while allegedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol, we’ve turned to Twitter to gauge the social pulse of this story.

There, two equally interesting (and diametrically opposed) hashtags have started trending.

The first (and higher-ranked) is #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin, propagated by endless scores of Beliebers and Biebettes who have likely never lost anyone to a drunk driver before (but we’re willing to cut them some slack because most of them are teenagers, and teenagers can be unbelievably thoughtless and stupid sometimes).

The second is #DeportBieber, trending thanks to bandwagoners and people with little else to do but wade into a trending pop culture debate that they really don’t have any stake in (but we’re willing to cut them some slack because most of them have been funny).

So in honor of Bieber making bail, here’s a sample of the schizophrenic conversation on Twitter for you:

What do you say about Justin Bieber’s DUI? Support or deport?

Dusten Carlson
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