‘Feminist’ Jesus And Sarah Silverman Chat About Abortion, Of Course It’s Offensive!

Sarah Silverman and Jesus chat about Abortion

It’s Friday and that means its time for some blasphemous fun with uber-conservative NSFW comedian Sarah Silverman. This time she brings along her bestie “feminist” friend Jesus Christ.

In a new viral five-minute clip, Silverman gives Jesus a backrub as they watch an NCIS marathon, while talking about abortion. Jesus quips that conception doesn’t begin at conception, but rather at 40.

The Sarah Silverman and Jesus abortion video was created in support of “V to Shining V,” a national reproductive-rights pride day scheduled for Sept. 28. The campaign includes rallies to be held at all 50 state capitals.

While a Jesus abortion video might seem like a stretch, Silverman is known for appearing in polarizing video clips that promote various causes. Typically her clips are meant to stir the pot among conservatives, which in turn provides her worthwhile causes with a pulpit to speak from.

In many ways Sarah Silverman’s Jesus abortion video is genius. When she offends polarizing right-wing conservatives their own hateful speech about her actions have often shifted the focus away from her blasphemous work and in turn have allowed her causes message to shine through.

The video clip was uploaded to YouTube on January 21 and it has been viewed 421,000+ times in just a few short days. The video has received 6,321 upvotes and 1,609 downvotes from viewers.

Are you offended by the Jesus Christ abortion clip?

James Kosur

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