Polar Vortex Sequel Drives Social Media To Cabin Fever [Twitter Reacts]

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The last Polar Vortex — a weird and nearly nationwide deep freeze that basically trapped us all in a block of horrible dirty ice — was also a virtual party on social sites like Twitter.

For one of the first times in recent memory, the Polar Vortex was no longer a long bout of extreme weather wherein everyone was stuck at home with just their famdamilies for comfort. No, the magic of broadband and the rise of the social web meant that as the country cooled its heels, we could also kick back with our Facebook and Twitter peeps for some “put down the axe” downtime.

Basically, sentiment on the East Coast can be summed up like this:


Sure, Polar Vortex tweets carry a high percentage of dashboard pics, but January feels a little less oppressive when you’re suffering through the horror with all your social media pals. During yesterday night’s blizzard, for instance, many of my own Facebook friends rooted for a friend’s hubby as he braved the roads of Philly and South Jersey to make an epic journey home. (He got there safe, if slightly worse for wear.)

There are sitreps and long conversations (I experienced one from Polar Vortex, The Beginning on my wall that ran past 400 comments), and celebs and regular people alike check in from the tundra to brag on their brave forays into the icy mess. (Sorry, my Nope Rocket is in the shop.)

Some hiyas from the recent yuckfest:

Today we learned we survived the THUNDARSNORTEX, YES:

Even though it kinda felt like this:

There was some recursive humor (check our previous post on Polar Vortex burning water injuries for safety tips — such as DON’T — and other info) to the last merry-snow-round:

Aaaaaan Rihanna made us all ashamed of our grubby North Face fleeces and Firefly hats:

Whatever, I look shiny as balls in this.

How did your Twitter react to Polar Vortex 2, Electric Bugaloo?

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