HootSuite Acquires Social Analytics Platform uberVU


HootSuite, one of the more popular social media management tools for businesses, has announced its acquisition of social analytics platform uberVU.

Based out of London, uberVU will help the social media management tool expand its analytics offering.

Currently, the social analytics platform has over 200 major brands onboard, ranging from NBC to companies like Heinz.

From HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes:

We’ve seen that single-purpose social media monitoring tools frustrate users by making it difficult to put data to use and turn insight into action. By bringing uberVU on board, HootSuite is adding powerful analytics capabilities to our battle-tested engagement platform. This is a direct response to feedback from HootSuite customers and has accelerated our existing analytics plan.

Holmes says that it will integrate uberVU’s analytics suite over the coming months, and uberVU will remain in service, just with new branding to reflect the acquisition.

Back in October, HootSuite announced it had over 1,000 enterprise customers, and has raised nearly $200 million to date.

Mike Stenger

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