Man Shares His Own Wanted Photo, Gets Arrested 45 Minutes Later

Man Shares Own Wanted Photo

If you’re wanted by the police, it probably isn’t the best idea to share their status update. It’s especially bad to share the one that talks about the warrant they have for your arrest. Unfortunately for Anthony James Lescowitch, he chose to share said update, and was arrested 45 minutes later. Oops?

As the Freeland Police Department explained to the Times-Leader, it posted a photo of Lescowitch at 9:19 pm local time Monday, asking anyone knowing his whereabouts to call police of 911. They noticed the wanted man share their post about him minutes after they posted it. He mocked police in the comments section, where his friends also had a small laugh … for the moment.


An undercover officer used a Facebook profile of a fake attractive woman to speak with Lescowitch online, pretending to be interested in meeting him. Initially, he declined the offer to meet for a drink, but agreed to having a cigarette with “her.” Police drove toe the location Lescowitch specified and arrested him without incident.

Two hours after their initial posting, the Freeland Police Department posted an update, writing, “CAPTURED!!!!!! SHARES OUR STATUS ON FACEBOOK ABOUT HIMSELF, CAPTURED 45 MINUTES LATER.”

He is wanted for an assault last summer, but had eluded capture since charges were filed in November. He was also wanted by Luzerne County Probation. Considering his charges, and penchant for running from police (the first time, at least), Lescowitch probably won’t be sharing anything on Facebook for a while.

[Image: Screencap from Facebook]

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