Foursquare Check-Ins From Big East Conference [Infographic]

College football infographic

Alabama, USC, LSU, Oregon and Oklahoma may be at the top of the Associated Press’s college football rankings, but which teams lead the nation in Foursquare check-ins after the first week of the season?

You can find out all of that and more from this neat little infographic from digital marketing firm Silverpop, which tracked Foursquare check-ins at games nationwide during college football’s first weekend. The infographic is posted below, but here’s a quick summary of their findings:

Pittsburgh leads (even though they didn’t make the AP’s top 25) drawing in 921 Foursquare check-ins at its season-opening home loss to Youngstown State. Out of 40,837 in attendance, just over 2% fans at the game used Foursquare, sharing their location, reports Mashable.

Texas drew in 665 Foursquare check-ins, more than any other top-25 team, though attendance at that game was higher, kicking their check-in percentage a bit lower than Pittsburgh.

Out of the AP’s top five, USC performed the best with 450 Foursquare check-ins, and Georgia had the strongest check-in number out of the top 10 with 560.

Check out Silverpop’s infographic detailing Foursquare check-ins over college football’s opening week below:

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