98% Of Top Brands Are Active On Twitter, Study Finds


Twitter is a popular destination for brands to engage in real-time, and according to a new study, 98 percent of top brands are active on the social network.

Titled “How Top Brand Marketers Use Twitter,” Simply Measured analyzed data from some of the world’s top brands.

Around 92 percent of top brands tweet an average of 12 times per day, and nearly 60 percent have 100,000 followers or more.

Brands that utilize both images and links see 150 percent more engagement, compared to the overall average, and 36 percent of tweets from top brands contained a link.

Images uploaded through Twitter performed the best with an average of 210 “engagements” per tweet, while bit.ly links only saw an average of 27.

According to Simply Measured, here are the top 10 brands on Twitter based on total engagement:

  • eBay – 1,651,877
  • MTV – 1,392,274
  • Amazon.com – 1,161,673
  • Starbucks – 985,500
  • McDonald’s – 493,488
  • Nintendo America – 387,894
  • Pizza Hut – 383,985
  • Google – 369,384
  • Disney – 365,896
  • Nokia – 300,862

eBay had the highest amount of tweets containing links at 99 percent, and Pizza Hut had the lowest percentage at just eight percent.

Pizza Hut stood out among the top brands on Twitter in terms of engaging with fans, and out of over 34,000 tweets in Q4 2013, 33,659 were replies.

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