Here’s Richard Sherman Being Punched In The Face [Video]

Richard Sherman rant

The Seattle Seahawks beat the 49ers this weekend after cornerback Richard Sherman’s dramatic game-saving play, and will advance to the Super Bowl. Due to the closeness of the game, bad blood was all but inevitable. Still, Sherman didn’t have to make things worse with a dramatic WWE-esque rag on Michael Crabtree with Fox’s Erin Andrews.

You’ve probably already seen the rant (since it went viral everywhere last night), and if you’re tuned into the conversation online, you probably saw a number of tweets calling Sherman everything from a “classless thug” to any of a choice selection of racial epithets.

On reddit, the conversation regarding Richard Sherman is pretty much just focused on this, a post-game confrontation between the Seahawks cornerback and Redskins tackle Trent Williams after a wild card loss:

So if you’re a 49ers fan or just think Sherman is annoying after that rant, this should make you feel better. If you’re in Richard Sherman’s corner on this one, then take solace in the fact that the above mind-scrambling haymaker was really more of an epic slap.

Dusten Carlson
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