YouTube Launches New Comment Management Page


YouTube users seem to have settled into the new Google+ commenting system, and the video site has announced a new way to manage all your comments.

Found at or under “Community” in your dashboard, users can see a list of all comments spread across their videos.

Comments are split into three different categories: Published, Pending and Marked as Spam.

From the YouTube Creator Blog:

From this central page you can easily remove comments, flag comments for spam or abuse, give a thumbs up, or click over to the video watch page and reply.

Unfortunately, and what many users are pointing out, you can’t currently reply to comments from the new management page.

YouTube says the page will be “updated soon” with the ability to reply to comments, and expand replies.

Yesterday, we posted about YouTube still being the number one video site with over 159 million unique video viewers in December 2013.

Mike Stenger

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