Plane Crash Survivor Posts Insane Selfie

Man Takes Plane Crash Selfie

A man who survived a plane crash posted an insane selfie to his Facebook account a couple weeks after the crash happened. Ferdinand Puentes, 39, had a GoPro camera with him and was able to capture footage of the passengers bracing for impact moments before the plane hit the water.

After the passengers evacuated, Puentes, wearing an orange life jacket, stopped to take a photo of himself with the plane’s tail in the background. The aircraft took off from Molokai, Hawaii, bound for Honolulu with nine people on board, notes ABC News. Loretta Fuddy, Hawaii’s state health director, was the only death.

Puentes recalled of the crash, “It was as if time stopped and everything you remembered in your past — loved ones. I didn’t say goodbye to them. Your whole life just goes in front of you.” He added of swimming in the water for an hour, “Steel-toed boots, heavy work jeans, and long sleeve shirt. It was hard and exhausting to swim with all that.”

The passengers were rescued by the US Coast Guard, and passengers credited the pilot, Clyde Kawasaki, for landing the plane right-side up, which allowed passengers time to exit.

Puentes epic plane crash selfie is going viral this week, along with his footage of the crash.

[Image: Facebook]

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